For a sustainable access
to health and chemical products

Ecovamed offers an innovative Life Cycle Assessment solution to evaluate the carbon footprint of medicines, medical devices, pharmaceutical ingredients, and more generally the carbon footprint of fine chemicals and specialty chemicals, as well as a label of European origin for health products, with an environmental index.

Ecovamed is also supporting health professionals in their healthccare eco-design efforts, and developped recently an application to compare the carbon footprints of single-use medical devices and reusable devices, with steam sterilization. You can test it now, it's free!

Single-use vs. Reusable carbon footprint calculator
Who are we?

Democratizing sustainability for health, biologic and chemical products

Our ambition is to contribute to a sustainable access to health products, such as medicines and medical devices, while promoting manufacturing processes with lower environmental impact, by democratizing carbon footprints within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Ecovamed technology is based on innovative algorithms, coupled with databases that have been specifically designed to assess or validate the geographical origin of drug substance manufacturing across the whole supply chain. This unique technology has been enriched to allow the evaluation of the carbon footprint of medicines, medical devices, fine chemicals, specialty chemicals and biologics, from data easily available to manufacturers and at a very attractive cost due to the process automation.

Ecovamed is a technology-oriented company, taking part of the best of data analysis and algorithms, while keeping a strong human component when it comes to the analysis and interpretation of the results.


Promote sincere, honest and scientifically-validated information


Create new technologies that will make these services affordable to all stakeholders


Tackle the societal challenges of
sustainability for health and chemical products

what we offer

Competitive and easy-to-use services

Ecovamed offers competitive and easy-to-use services to label the European origin and Environement index of your health products and calculate the carbon footprint of fine and specialty chemicals

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Carbon footprint of health products and complex chemicals

You need the carbon footprint of a chemical you manufacture or you buy? Or a medicine or medical devices?

Ecovamed proposes tailor-made carbon footprints complying with the GHG Protocol standard, at a very competitive price.

Ecovamed specializes in the carbon footprints of active ingredients, their intermediates and more generally fine and specialty chemicals, which are the key drivves for medicines LCA. This focus has enabled the development of an innovative solution to significantly reduce the cost of these footprints, to make them accessible to all stakeholders, without lowering the quality of results.

The objective is to reduce the environmental impact of end-users and also to facilitate the scope 3 calculation and reduction, in creating new purchasing criteria based on the carbon footprint of your suppliers.  

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European Origin Label for Health products

You wish to promote the European origin of your health product and its environmental impact?

Ecovamed offers a unique third-party verified label for the manufacturing origin of your drug product and medical devices, including an environmental index.

The Ecovamed label takes into account all stages in the manufacture of drug substances, as well as the formulation of the drug product, to calculate a percentage of European origin, representative of the proportion of stages carried out in Europe. This progressive approach avoids side effects and gives an integral view of the origin.

Originally intended for drugs, this label can also be applied to diagnostic tests, cosmetic products and medical devices. In particular, it makes it possible to obtain additional information on top of the preferential origin of products.

how much does it cost?


You can either create your account to manage regular projects or request a quotation on a tailor-made project in contacting us.

Create my account

1 - Annual subscription fee

If you have regular projects, Ecovamed pricing is based on an annual subscription fee and a low cost fee per project, which depends on the complexity of your product. All our customers are highlithing the competitiveness and high quality of our solution, which is 2 to 3 times less expensive than market average.

2 - Choose a project

Each project, either a label of origin, a Life Cycle Assessment or a carbon footprint, is priced based on the complexity of the product.
For instance, the carbon footprint of a fine chemical made in 3-steps only costs 900 € if you provide production data (bill of material, waste flows, a few plant data…).
A quotation is always provided before each project starts, from information you can provide directly on your account.


Carbon footprint evaluation of PVP (povidone), a key excipient for medicines

This study assessed the carbon footprint of 8 producers of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and analyzed key differences between regions

Download the report

Carbon footprint evaluation of Metformin, depending on production country

This study assessed the carbon footprint of 7 producers of Metformin, in Europe, India and China.

Download the report

Carbon footprint study on nitrile gloves, depending on production country

Ecovamed is starting to publish a series of carbon footprint evaluation of Health Products, comparing various production location.

Download the report

Ecovamed has been awarded
by BPI France

This award, with a financial contribution thanks to the "Bourse French Tech", will support the development of our technology

LinkedIn news

Carbon footprint evaluation of Ibuprofen, depending on industrial process & country

This study assessed the carbon footprint of all producers of Ibuprofen around the world. Feel free to contact us if you need a similar study on other APIs

Download the report

Ecovamed joins the ChemTech,
the netwok of innovative start'up

The ChemTech is a joint initiative of France Chimie and Bpifrance, to support start-up developing "chemical-oriented" solutions

ChemTech website

Carbon footprint evaluation
of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Publication of the first carbon footprint of Ibuprofen, thanks to newmethodology developed by Ecovamed.

Download the report

Chimie Paris Innov welcome Ecovamed
in its incubator

This new location is a great opportunity for Ecovamed to keep innovating within the University Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) environment

Chimie Paris Innov website

Ecovamed attended the
G5 Santé event in October

The 10th "G5 Santé" meeting held in Paris gave the opportunity to all stakeholders to debate on health innovation and sovereignty

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